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We focus on truly understanding the client’s problem so we can offer an innovative and money-saving solution.
— João Recena

With a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Production Engineering with the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Mr. Recena taught in the Civil Engineering college of UFPE from 1983 to 2015. He has been a TPF Engineering partner since 1990. In the public sector, he has worked as President of the Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (Energy Company of Pernambuco); Secretary of the Industry, Commerce and Tourism; Secretary of Planning, and Secretary of Mines and Energy, all with the State of Pernambuco. He is currently the CEO of TPF Engineering.

I am part of a team that is always motivated to achieve its best, knowing that we have the freedom to express our ideas, and overcome each challenge in a creative and innovative way.
— Ana Augusta Campos

Civil Engineer. Ms. Campos has been part of TPF for six years. She joined the company as a Civil Engineer, later becoming a Product Manager. Recently, she has taken the capacity of Development Officer.


The TPF team constantly drives us to pursue the solutions to our greatest challenge: the client’s satisfaction.
— Felipe Matos

Economist. Mr. Matos joined TPF in 2012 as an intern and was later hired. In 2014, he was ahead of his first contract management. His activities include production and corporate affairs. He is currently a Management Officer.

I feel highly motivated working in a company that values and drives the development of the younger generations.
— Lorena Oliveira

Civil Engineer. Ms. Oliveira joined TPF Engineering in 2014 as an intern and, by the time she got her degree, she had already become a full employee, taking the role of Quality Manager.


At TPF, innovation is a fundamental aspect of the good professional.
— Wlademir Andrade

IT Manager. Mr. Andrade is one of the most experienced staffs at TPF Engineering, where he has been for 26 years. He joined the company as an IT technician and later took on the role of IT Manager.

Since I was an intern, I was entrusted with activities that have made it possible for me to learn and grow professionally.
— Juliana Arruda

Newly-graduated Civil Engineer. As a TPF team member for three years now, she joined the company as an intern and was later hired as a Corporate Assistant. She has worked in the Sales Department and is currently in the Bidding Department.


The multidisciplinary projects developed in the company provide us with varied opportunities to creatively and enthusiastically perform our duties as engineers.
— Bruno Marcionilo

Civil engineer. Mr. Marcionilo began working with TPF in 2005 as an intern for one year. In 2007, he returned as an Engineering Assistant, working with water management and resource. He later became a Project Coordinator and is currently a Product Manager.

We have new challenges every day, and that gives us the chance to develop technical and interpersonal skills.
— Abmael Júnior

Holding a Civil Construction Technology degree and currently studying Civil Engineering, Mr. Abmael Jr. has been with TPF since 2011, when he joined the company as an Assistant Engineer. He is currently a Product Assistant in the Management Center, where he works with water resources and sanitation.


Here at the company we can envisage technological innovations all the time, and we are motivated to be at the forefront of the industry. We have the privilege to take part in multidisciplinary projects, which enrich our professional expertise.
— Bernardo Beltrão

Architect and urbanist. Mr. Beltrão joined the company in 2013 as a Project Coordinator and is currently a Product Manager. He has worked in such areas as Project Planning and Management, as well as in the management and oversight of works. In 2014 he was part of the team that implemented the BIM platform to the construction products within TPF.

Every project presents a new challenge, numerous lessons, and a complete foundation to create our solutions with excellence. It is in this spirit that we cater to the needs of our clients to make them happy.
— Paulo Gonçalves

Civil Engineer. Mr. Gonçalves has been part of the company since 2012, when he joined as Pavement Designer for the road networks. In 2013, he was promoted to the role of Road Infrastructure Project Coordinator and, one year later, he had his first experience as a Project Manager, a role he still holds.


At TPF Engenharia, we have the opportunity to be part of multidisciplinary teams, composed of motivated professionals to look for the best for the client, which makes each project a great professional growth, towards excellence.
— Beatriz Menezes

Civil engineering. Ms. Menezes joined the company in 2016 as an intern, winning the 1st place in the IEL Internship Award at the same year. She was hired even during graduation, and now she acts as a civil engineer in project management in the public health area.

For 24 years I worked at Engesoft. Professionally, it was an experience of growth and learning. Now, as TPF Engenharia, I keep learning and I am motivate to accomplish my work with commitment and dedication, looking forward to continuously improve the quality of the final result of each product entrusted to us.
— Silvana Silva

Technician in Roads and Technologist in Computer Networks. Ms. Silva has been part of the company since 1994, when she joined as a CAD operator. Today, she is IT Manager and responsible for the Technical Office of the Fortaleza Unit.